• blue_j

Oh Hey: I moved here.

So, umm.. hey: I'm new here.. not "livejournal"-here, but "Los Gatos/Santa Clara County"-here.. and I know absolutely no one or nothing around.

So, in the off-chance that one of the seven people who watch this community might have something nifty to tell me about, I've come here ("lgcrew"-here this time). For now, I'm just kinda interested in the basics, stuff like: record store, video store, cafes, pizza joints, places with live music, cheapo department chain stores. If I have to go to the next town over to have some fun, well, so be it.. but at least driving to saratoga to browse for cds would be better than sitting in my apartment waiting for the cable to be turned on.

PS: I'm 22, so pubs and things would be okay, but high-school hang-outs may be borderline creepy :/